Modern office, comfortable parking


We offer office space with general space of 20 to 1300 m².


The rooms are spacious, clever and practical. Each office has a meeting room and toilets. 


Interior design is done using high-quality materials. The offices also have communication, security and access systems installed.


The building is located in a quiet inner quarter of a business district in Mustamäe. The Mustika and Mustamäe shopping centres are close by.

Access from the different sides of town is ensured by Tammsaare, Mustamäe, Kadaka and Ehitajate tee. 

The building has a total 353 parking spaces.


The outdoor parking lot of the house has 220 parking spaces. Guests can park in front of the house, there are 10 spaces for that. Outdoor parking is free.


There are also 30 parking spaces in the closed area under the 2nd corpus of the building. Private underground parking space also exists – there are 93 safe parking spaces on the basement floor. This floor has well-priced paid parking.


Meant for an entrepreneur in need of new and modern small office space. We offer small offices in the size of 20 to 55 m²


This is an office floor renovated in the beginning of 2019 in co-operation with interior designer Kristiina Kuusk. 

Renting office space means that it is possible to use the joint meeting room with the necessary presentation equipment and a trendy kitchenette.


We offer rental conditions with fixed rent and additional expenses. Access to offices is possible 24/7. Parking in front of the house is for free.



The Aiandi 13 office building is the first known office building in Tallinn to have been awarded the international standard BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) in-use certificate.


A BREEAM certificate assesses a building's environmental impact, the comfort and wellbeing of the employees and visitors of companies located within the building, the building's energy efficiency and environmental protection.


The certificate for the building at Aiandi 13 meets the BREEAM In-Use assessment rating of Very Good.


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BREEAM certificate




A13 business building is located in Mustamäe, being accessible from Mustamäe and Kadaka tee, Laki tänav and Tammsaare tee.


The building is situated in a quiet inner quarter surrounded by other business buildings. In its vicinity, the building also has the Mustika and Mustamäe shopping centres, Prisma grocery store and an Olerex petrol station.

Distances from other important destinations:

Tallinn Airport is 9 km away, which by car takes 16 min, Viru Keskus is 6.5 km away, which by car takes 12 min.



11Bureau1185 m2Rented
11,2Bureau207 m2Rented
12Bureau470 m2Free
13Bureau1010.75 m2Rented
14Bureau493,46 m2Free
20Warehouse54 m2Rented
20Warehouse108 m2Rented
20Warehouse34 m2Rented
20Warehouse100 m2Rented
22Bureau385 m2Rented
22Bureau373.31 m2Rented
22Bureau179.60 m2Rented
22Bureau22.28 m2Rented
22Bureau38.07 m2Rented
22Bureau38.78 m2Rented
22Bureau23.64 m2Rented
22Bureau56.68 m2Free
22Bureau37.82 m2Rented
22Bureau52.86 m2Rented
22Bureau32.44 m2Rented
22Bureau22.37 m2Rented
22Bureau40.87 m2Rented
23Bureau850.66 m2Rented
23Bureau634.28 m2Rented
24Bureau1369.20 m2Rented
Floor plans of the buildings



  • Address: Aiandi 13, Tallinn 12918
  • Owner of the property: Tammsaare Ärimaja OÜ
  • Size of the property: 8115 m²
  • Amount of buildings: 2
  • Amount of floors: corpus 1: 4 floors; corpus 2: 4 floors
  • Architectural solution: T. Tarbe Arhitektuuribüroo
  • Builder: NCC Eesti AS
  • Completion time: June 2008


Management and maintenance

A13 office building is managed by Newsec Property Management Estonia AS. Newsec has appointed Heleni Praks to be the manager of Aiandi 13 property (contact:, phone: +372 501 7402).   

General description of the technical systems

Heating. The building is supplied with heat from the general heating network of the city. An agreement for supplying heat has been signed with AS Utilitas Tallinn (central heating). 

Electricity. Main circuit breaker of the building: 2 x 1000 A.

Ventilation and cooling. The ventilation unit of the building is equipped with water heating and cooling calorifiers and rotary heat recovery.

The cooling system installed in the building, together with the ventilation system, has to maintain an air temperature of below +25 °C in office rooms. This is achieved with fan convectors that have ben installed in the service rooms, which provide cooled (ca +16 °C) ambient air supply to the rooms and cooling of the ambient air in rooms. For achieving the temperature regime of the room, the cooling capacity of fan convectors and the heat output of heaters is adjusted in such a way that the simultaneous use of heating and cooling is blocked – this ensures significant savings on spent energy.

Elevators. The building has altogether three elevators: corpus 1 has one and corpus 2 has two elevators.

Daily use of the building. The building is open to clients on workdays from 8:00 to 18:00. Outside working hours, it is possible to be admitted into the building by using passes issued according to the order from the renter.












+372 50 99 647

+372  508 0550


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Owner of the house

East Capital Real Estate AS. East Capital is a company established in 1997, which specialises on fast-growing and developing markets. East Capital manages real estate, private and public capital investments in various equity and real estate funds, offering its services to a large network of international investors. The main office of the company is in Sweden, with branch offices situated in Dubai, Hongkong, Luxembourg, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm and East Capital Real Estate AS being located in Tallinn. 

24 real estate investments, 560 renters, 363 000 m2 of rental space 410 million euros of assets in total value. 

East Capital Real Estate AS, Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Eesti, Phone: +372 640 6650, Email: